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Edizioni EL is a publishing house specialised in books for children aged 0 to nineteen. It is a limited company with Giulio Einaudi Editore among its shareholders.

Edizioni EL publishes 200 new titles every year and has a catalogue of 1200 available titles.
It manages three imprints: Edizioni EL, Einaudi Ragazzi, Emme Edizioni.
Its book distributor is the Mondadori group.

Edizioni EL’s production ranges from cloth books for very young children and fiction for young adults, to fictional series and picture books of strong visual impact. Along with its production in Italian featuring the best Italian authors, Edizioni EL regularly translates the best foreign production from the international markets.

Edizioni EL has been operating uninterruptedly for over fourty years and has structured its catalogue with particular care, in order to offer beautiful, entertaining books suitable for readers of all ages, so that each can choose what is best for them and make reading a major part of the process of growing up.

The design and editorial features of each product strives to combine novelty and tradition: evidence of this lies in the many best-selling titles from the 1970s which are still available in our backlist and which have become well-known classics.

Fatina Edizioni EL

Edizioni EL’s backlist features the most important works by Gianni Rodari, the only Italian author ever to be granted the international “Hans Christian Andersen Award”, as well as novels, poetry and stories by acclaimed writers Roberto Piumini, Bianca Pitzorno, Beatrice Masini, Pierdomenico Baccalario, Stefano Bordiglioni, Davide Morosinotto and Daniele Aristarco.

Not to mention illustration masterpieces, ranging from the classic works of Francesco Altan’s to the new, exciting art by contemporary artists Nicoletta Costa, Alessandro Sanna, Marco Somà, Axel Scheffler, Olimpia Zagnoli, Miguel Tanco and Gaia Stella.

Gianni Rodari was Italy's most important children's author of the twentieth century!

He wrote nursery rhymes, tales, novels and plays and worked as a schoolteacher, journalist and pedagogist. He was the first children’s author who had the courage to address delicate issues such as peace and solidarity in a simple language and with great imagination.

Gianni Rodari is well-known and much loved both in Italy and abroad. His books have been translated into 46 different languages.
In Italy, Edizioni EL publishes almost all Gianni Rodari‘s works in many forms: from illustrated pocket-books to vintage-looking hardbound, from large picture books to agile texts for girls and boys that are learning to read.

In 2020, 100 years have passed since the birth of Gianni Rodari and Edizioni EL celebrates the centenary of the great author with special publication and celebration throughout the year.


Gianni Rodari